These are edited images fro a layout i attempted yesterday. The top right shows the rulers used so I could measure up the other items adjacent to the letter V that I was using. The last image shows the yellow space where  I have made a crop as I didn’t think it looked quite right.  I liked the last image I have produced and think that I may keep this as my final image. 


After showing the progress on this project, I was asked to think more about the concept of the poster. It was suggested that I need to have a look at the idea of ‘curiosity’ and use different words that describe why this website is unique. As well as this, using a quotation may not be the way to go but instead, use big bold words on separate posters. 

To suggest the variety that It’s Nice That website shows, I could use one word but different fonts for each letter. Alternatively, I could use photography, drawing and computer fonts all in the font of one poster.

Today I tried to draw this image above. I didn’t really know how to approach the areas that didn’t have clear lines, so I googled images of hand drawn smoke. A few came up… 

Both of these I imagine you would create by drawing and smudging. I could do this and then invert my drawn image on the computer. But then I also saw this image…

And this way of patterning interests me more. I just need to think of a way of incorporating the idea of curiosity with it. 

Space images

I think looking back on the work I have done today with the final images of the backgrounds, if I was looking at a poster like this, I wouldn’t easily imagine the link at the bottom would lead me to a design website. I think I need to approach these space images a bit differently and come up with some drawings from them that could combine the quotation.